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Chris Gill hands over the tiller to Jonnie Howard

On Sat 26th April (Easter Saturday ) the AGM of the Orford Sailing Club took place in Orford Town Hall.


About 60 members of the sailing club heard the retiring Commodore, Chris Gill, deal with the usual items on the Agenda, and then give a brief resume of his Report. (Read Here)

He then handed control of the club the President, Richard Roberts, who expressed his gratitude to Chris for his great contribution to the club over the last several years and then dealt with the election of Officers for the next year. When the various individuals had been duly proposed, seconded and voted into office he handed the meeting to the incoming Commodore, Jonnie Howard, who gave a brief response, as follows.

Jonnie expressed his gratitude to everyone for voting him into office and said how thrilled and privileged he felt to have been asked to undertake the role. He noted from the Past Commodores board in the clubhouse that he was the 25th Commodore of the club. He then thanked Richard for being such a wise and trustworthy President, and for his very kind words about both Chris and himself.


He then paid tribute to the incredible service which the outgoing Commodore, Chris Gill, had undertaken on behalf of the club. Chris had been one of the most energetic Commodores that the club has ever had, undertaking 4years as Sailing Secretary before being Commodore for a further 3 years. Amongst the items which Chris has undertaken whilst in office were the following.....


1. The extended dinghy park.

2. The new Ladies Toilets.

3. The introduction of Dutyman.

4. The expanded calendar.

5. The re cladding of the clubhouse.

6. The re roofing of the clubhouse.

7. The new concrete slipway.

8. The new timber on the clubhouse.

9. The new David Andren RIB.

10. Two new Hartley dinghies.

11. The introduction of Team Racing.


Jonnie explained that Chris's time in office had been a very busy one indeed and he asked everyone present to show their appreciation in the usual way.


Jonnie then presented Chris with an engraved Decanter from himself and the other Officers on the committee, together with the Past Commodores Burgee. He then presented the new Vice Commodore, David Robinson, with his Vice Commodores Burgee, and received his own new Commodores Burgee from Chris Gill.


With all the formalities completed Jonnie then spoke briefly about his plans for the future. He explained that after such a busy period of capital expenditure there was actually very little left to be done ! So during his three years he could concentrate on the social side of the club, and in particular the 3 F's, being...Friends,...Family, and...Fun ! But seriously there was a Calendar that had been agreed and circulated, so the club will have a wonderful time undertaking all the usual club activities, ....whilst having Fun with Friends and Family.


On the Family theme Jonnie pointed out that on Easter Saturday 35 years ago ( in 1981 ) Chris's father-in-law, Henry Baker ( Caroline's Dad ) had handed the Commodoreship Baton to his father-in-law, Tony Lingard ( Migs' Dad ) in exactly the same way that Chris had handed it to Jonnie. Which only goes to show what an amazingly family-orientated club we are, and long may it last.


Finally Jonnie said that of all the 14 Commodores that he had known, whilst he had been a member of the club, the best ones had all had one thing in common. They had all been brief ! So after Any Other Business he brought the meeting to a close, and everyone relaxed for a glass of wine and a chat.

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