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Guide to DutyMan Online Roster System

DutyMan is an online system for managing duty rosters. It’s used by dozens of sailing clubs throughout the UK. OSC introduced DutyMan for administering club duties during 2014.

DutyMan will allow you to volunteer for duties, request changes and see who is interested in swapping duties. The software will also send out reminders to people about their duties a week before the event. It is important to remember that each member is responsible for finding a replacement if they can’t make their duty.

Logging In

You should have received an email from DutyMan with a login name and a password. Follow the link to OSC Duty Roster and enter your login name and password.

If you’ve forgotten your login details or password, don’t worry, you can request a reminder or a new password on the right hand side of the Duty Man page.

How do I tell when my duty is?

On the right hand side of the screen is the Duty Calendar; the months and dates of your duties are underlined in red so they are easy to spot.

Swapping Duties

If you can’t do a scheduled duty, it is your responsibility to arrange a swap. To do this, log in to DutyMan and go to the online duty rota. This will allow you to contact other members doing similar duties to request a swap.

An explanation of how to do this appears on the DutyMan page but if you need further help, you can:

  • click ‘How Do I’ at the top of the DutyMan screen
  • Email the Race Duties Coordinator, Jonnie Howard and Chris Best

We greatly appreciate the contribution that members make to the running of the club.

Jonnie Howard Chris Best
Race Duties Coordinators

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