Objectives of Orford Sailing Club

“Sailing for Pleasure and Racing for Fun”.

The Objects of the Club are “the encouragement of amateur sailing, seamanship, and dinghy and yacht racing, and the protection of the interests of amateur yachtsmen”.

In practice over the years this has developed into a self organised family club, frequently with three generations sailing. The self-help volunteering approach develops a good friendly atmosphere where all will feel welcome and at ease.

We aim to provide a range of activities to suit all levels of sailing: from competitive racing, through cruising in dinghies and yachts, to picnics and ‘pottering’.

We pride ourselves on providing training and coaching of youngsters from beginning through to Dinghy and Senior Instructor level if they wish. Senior members provide coaching and further training

Facilities are kept commensurate with the requirements of the members and their activities together with a social programme.