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The Colvin Chalice and the Day Trophy don't reward Sailing Skill (as such) but rather, written prose...


Read this year's Winning entries- "Scotland Log" by Chris Best and Bridget Chadwick (Colvin Chalice) and "Harris Goes on Holiday to Woodbridge" by Roger Nex

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Berths List 2017
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Latest Race Results

The Wayfarer National Championships took place at Arun Yacht Club, Littlehampton last weekend. Mike and Judith Shallow and Will Cleverley & Liz Feibusch all went from OSC.


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Will helmed Liz's boat Cassie, his first time helming in a Nationals and on the open sea and he improved spectacularly throughout the 7 races from 40th early on to 14th in the last race.


Mike and Judith were more consistent and did well in their first Wayfarer Nationals in their new boat. There were about 45 boats on the start lines. It all took place in glorious sunshine and sparkling seas and the social activities were great fun during the evenings.

Wayfarer National Championships