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Berths List 2017
sailing 2

Latest Race Results

Feibusch Novice Shield Results

Bunting-Brights-Debby- Bunting-Brights-Debby-

Overall Winner: Daniel

2nd Ludo

3rd Rosie



6th Archie

7th Flora

8th Mabel

9th Myrtle

10th Mollie

The Regatta took place in brilliant sunshine and gentle breezes with a strong Spring tide making the students work hard at going against it for the first of 3 marks – they all persisted and made it and having learnt the technique, managed better on subsequent laps.


Each student sailed 2 laps in 2 races with an Instructor as crew! I would like to have been party to the conversations on board each boat, to hear whether the young helms asserted themselves and got the Instructors to do all the crewing tasks!


The results were very close which was indicative of the excellent progress made during the preceding week. The afternoon was truly a spectator sport with many families cheering their young sailors on.


Once the boats were properly de-rigged, the prizegiving took place with Liz reading out the results in reverse order and David, our Vice-Commodore presenting the 3rd, 2nd burgees and finally the coveted Feibusch Shield which went to a very delighted Daniel.


David thanked the organisers of the racing - Liz, Sheena and Jill.



1st (2) 2nd 3rd