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Latest Race Results

Youth and Junior Series 1,2 & 3


The few Juniors who took part in these series sailed very well and competitively in various conditions over a variety of courses. It is good to see the winners are 3 different ones and I decided to work out an overall winner for the combined 3 Series which has never been done before. It deservedly goes to Oliver Nisbet, so well done to him and all who raced without whom there wouldn’t be a champion! As you will note, the results were very close and the final results required the use of the tie-break. All competitors were Juniors so once again the Youth Trophies for the 3 Series will have to remain under wraps for another year! Many thanks to all the ODs and AODs and Safety Boat Teams.


Sailing Secretary


Liz Feibusch

Last of the Summer Wine


This 6 Race Series ran for three Wednesdays and because only two competitors turned up for the last evening, we decided to finish with one longish race instead of two short ones as before. A good course was set and the evening turned out to be the best of the day’s weather. Unfortunately the Raydon Mark had washed up on the bank, so we had to use ‘Tuesday’ as the substitute, but Doc wasn’t onboard otherwise we might have seen the whites of his eyes!


Peter Senior gets the Trophy for his good set of results over two out of the three evenings, so congratulations are due to him.


Many thanks to all the ODs and AODs and Safety Boat Crews who turned up to run the series alongside the Family evenings.

Frostbite Series


We were lucky to be able to sail all  6 races of this popular series this Autumn – mostly in ideal sunny, breezy conditions.  The racing was close with different winners each week and for the third year in a row, all hung on the last race keeping the racing very competitive throughout the series to the last leg of the last race.


The winners of that race and indeed the overall winners were Will Cleverley, helming Liz’s Alpha Cassiopeiae with Liz crewing.


These will be my last comments accompanying results, because my 5 years as Sailing Secretary will be spent by the next OSC AGM in April 2019. I have enjoyed my role enormously working with Chris Gill and Jonnie Howard as well as the Sailing Committee members. I am delighted to be handing over this role to Troy Batley who will bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the role and is looking forward to continuing the use of the excellent Sailwave Programme for working out results.





Your retiring Sailing Secretary