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UK Dinghy Cruising Association Trophy


Our long distance dinghy cruising members Chris Best and Bridget Chadwick took their Laser Stratos Keel "Popeye" for two weeks cruising in the Outer Hebrides last year.


They visited Lewis, Harris, Taransay, Scarp, Berneray, Boreray, Pabbay, Killegray and the Shiants. They were self sufficient on the boat carrying all food and water supplies, and using a boom tent to sleep under at night. They sailed approximately 240 miles.


Their log of the trip won the Log of the Year Trophy from the UK Dinghy Cruising Association and was awarded to them at the start of this summer season.

Sheena Barrow Sails the Atlantic

Sheena is now 600 nautical miles into the Atlantic after 7 days sailing with just under 2,000 miles to go. She is doing 3hrs on and 6 hours off over the voyage continuously.


Right now Challenger 1 is placed 53 out of 196 starters and should reach St Lucia 9th December though heavy weather is likely over the next 48 hours. You can track her on Arc Challenge and then go to Fleet Checker then Canaries –St Lucia.


Please have a look at  



you will see her note on the sail training she has been doing in Orford and details on the Tall Ships Youth Trust Charity. Florence has made an arrangement with them that OSC will get a share of whatever raised.

updated 03/12/2017